How to Decide on a Beauty Pageant Winner

How To Decide On Beauty Pageant Winners

If you have been presented with an invitation to be in the enviable position of judging the contestants in an upcoming beauty pageant, it can prove helpful for you to take certain things into consideration. This will make your job of picking the beauty pageant winners all the easier and more likely to be supported by the audience as well.

Interviewing the contestants in a beauty pageant is one of the most important ways to judge which candidate is the most likely to fulfill the responsibilities required of the pageant’s winner. If you are not given a set of questions to ask by pageant officials, there are several key questions which are good to ask of every contestant. One of the best questions is to find out what prompted the contestant to enter the contest. This can help determine if they are really serious about becoming the woman who wears the crown.

The next question that’s important to ask of contestants during any interview session is how they will handle the situation if they are not chosen the winner. Their response will give you a key to that individual’s ability to be resilient in the face of disappointment, in addition to some insight into their intelligence level and their ability to be articulate. It’s important to give the contestant time to answer without prompting them with any ideas or what you might expect them to answer.

How a woman conducts herself when being asked questions on a spontaneous basis will tell you a lot about her ability to handle herself with confidence and grace in any situation. Her answers will also show you the amount of confidence she has in herself. You will discover whether or not she has a charming personality that can relate to people in a variety of circumstances. The answer she provides to questions can also help you discover whether or not she has a sense of humor and a warm smile, both of which are qualities you want in a beauty pageant winner.

Pay attention to how a contestant conducts herself during the interview session. Does she speak with confidence, note how she holds the microphone, check to see that she is speaking loudly and clearly without sounding boisterous, and if she is making eye contact while answering the questions you ask. You may also want to judge whether or not the answers she gives you have an air of truth and authenticity about them, rather than being some stock answer she is giving you in hopes that it is what you want to hear or what you expect to hear. It’s truly a marvelous contest of champions for this one!

Imagine how you would feel about each candidate representing the state or organization that is sponsoring the contest. Your responsibility as a judge is to choose the candidate who can best serve as a personable, warm, happy, responsible, intelligent and beautiful representative and role model. As a judge deciding on beauty pageant winners, pay attention to several factors instead of just her beauty.