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How to Design a Celeb Mediterranean-Style Garden

Everyone knows that the Mediterranean lifestyle is one of the healthiest on the planet, therefore, it is only reasonable that people would want to emulate it by creating a Mediterranean garden they can relax in after work and when they have free time. The good news is that creating a Mediterranean garden is not actually that complicated if you follow a few basic gardening basics. The following are a few great ways to easily turn your outdoor garden into one with an extravagant theme that is perfect for entertaining or relaxing in after hours.

First up, you want to keep your lines bright and clean. Everything about Mediterranean style is cut and clean so you want to emulate this style. Any tiled areas should be made out of bright tile or bright brick and should be carefully laid out in neat lines. Pathways made out of tiles are a great way to add some style to your garden. You can also go with different shades of bright green and gray hues to draw together your Mediterranean theme. Think bright green olive colors and lighter grays.

Next, you want to create a luxuriously comfortable feel in your garden which can you can accomplish by framing your garden with tall large plants. You can either randomly place them throughout your garden (but try to keep them in diagonal or straight lines) or you can use them around the perimeter of your garden. The tall thin plants are very reminiscent of the Mediterranean landscape which is what makes them so perfect.

You can add an extra touch by placing some of these tall thin plants in pots. Potted plants are very popular in the Mediterranean and add an extra bit of ambiance to the garden. Choose bright and vibrant tiled pots or similar containers to place your plants in. Not every single plant has to be in a container, but by choosing many different sizes and colors of pots and containers to put in the gardenscapes you will quickly add some much-needed décor. Plus, this might give you more growing options if your soil is not the best.

Of course, you want your Mediterranean garden to feel a bit like a courtyard in order to really bring together the Mediterranean so you need to make sure to include at least two seating areas if not more. Multiple seating areas make the area seem more like a holiday square and that will add some ambiance perfect for entertaining. On your own, it will allow you a different scenario as you choose where to sit down and relax. You can even ask your grandchildren to play PC games beside you and not be affected because of the calm effect of the garden on you. They’ll be playing Clash Royale PC to their hearts’ content and you won’t be one bit angry about that!

Finally, set off the entire garden by using rustic textiles made out of materials such as terracotta or limestone to line the seating area or pathways. Textiles are almost exclusively the Mediterranean, and choosing the right colors that compliment your furniture and pots is an easy and quick way to tie together your theme and level off the ground. Line the textiles with some sand for an extra rustic look and feel.