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Celebrity Hairstyles & Makeup – Rihanna

Anyone that has followed Rihanna knows one thing: this woman likes to change things up. There are a plethora of different hairstyles for this young pop princess. There is no one look that defines her. She has always managed to dazzle fans with lots of different makeup and hairstyle combinations. The following highlights a couple of her popular looks and ways that people can follow in the footsteps of this trendsetting superstar.

Long Curly Hair with Bright Makeup

There was a phase in which Rihanna was known for a long curly hair look. Rihanna had long hair early in her career, but many of the photos from magazines show different wigs that Rihanna has invested in. The crinkled curl look that many people have seen Rihanna with is defined by a reddish makeup combination that matches the hair. This is something that Rihanna has been known for when she does wear heavy makeup. She really likes the hair to match the makeup in photo shoots. This is why people are able to see a Rihanna photo and remember it. She places a lot of emphasis on wearing makeup that compliments here hairstyle.

People that want this look can buy a curly wig or acquire a curly weave for a quick hairstyle makeover. Rihanna wears the long thin stringy curls when she decides to embrace the curly look. Women that want to do this can do it themselves, but the process of curling their own hair may be very tedious and time-consuming. The curly weave presents the quickest way to imitate this look without wasting a lot of time.

The Gothic Look 

When Rihanna embraces the Gothic look she takes it all in with black makeup and really dark hair. This look has been seen on album covers and lots of photo shoots. Rihanna is a celebrity that knows how to set different trends and impress her fans. The Gothic look received a lot of attention because Rihanna was known for having a bubbly personality that was accompanied by bright colors and light hair. The Gothic look showed more of an edgy look for the superstar. She fully embraced this style with Gothic clothing and shades to match the hair and makeup.

Women that want this look should invest in some dark makeup and consider darkening their hair. There are lots of different products that can be used to achieve the dark and shiny hair that Rihanna embraces for her Gothic look.

The Contrasting Tones

One look that gets a lot of attention is the contrast for dark and bright colors. Rihanna has been known to get a lot of compliments on the looks where she has something like a pink gloss lipstick with really dark hair.

These looks are often worn by Rihanna during photo shoots. These are the types of looks that people remember because there is such a big contrast with the skin tone and the makeup.

When Rihanna wears bold lipstick colors she will often go light on the eyeshadow. She’s a natural beauty so many of her photos show very little makeup if she is wearing a bold bright shade of lipstick. This is often what people find so striking about her appearance.

Pixie Cut

The longest style that Rihanna may have maintained is the pixie cut. Lots of people have done it, but few people have gotten the types of compliments that Rihanna has received for it. It’s a style that has been seen on album covers, television interviews and in concerts.

Lots of fans have tried to imitate this look. Many people that have long hair are a little worried about cutting their hair this short. Rihanna had very long hair when she debuted her first album, but fans have seen the entertainer explore a variety of different hairstyles over the years. The pixie cut may have been the most drastic departure from the long hair in the early days of her career. She is great with this hairdo – but only a select few can pull it off. This works for her, even on her most crabby days when she wants to launch into a crab war with the paparazzi!

Women that want to do this need the help of a stylist. It takes a professional to cut and layer the hair in a way that looks presentable. Rhianna often wears this pixie cut style with very light makeup.