Stackable Bangles
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New Celeb Jewelry Trend: Stackable Bangles!

A pretty bracelet is the perfect accessory for nearly any occasion imaginable. A well-chosen bracelet can immediately draw attention to your gloriously slender fingers and elegant, highly toned arms. A bracelet can also add a beautiful pop of color to your favorite outfit, especially if the outfit is in a muted color such as fawn or black. The right bracelet can even help tie the entire look together with a single accessory and nothing else chosen that day.

When thinking about what bracelets to buy right now to be as fashionable as possible, consider the stackable bracelet. Stackable bracelets have long been fashionable in many parts of the world. Today, they are a must own for the fashionable woman. A row of large bracelet makes a delightfully bold and wonderful fashionable statement.

Today, the stackable bracelet is a hot new celeb jewelry trend. Celebs are drawn to this type of bracelet for many reasons. This includes the fact that the stackable bracelet is easy to wear and allows the user to put in lots of color in a single space on her person. Just pop on the bracelet and you’re good to go. No need to think about anything else. Add in multiple bracelets and you have color in your wardrobe with ease.

The hottest type of stackable bracelet right now is the bangle. A bangle bracelet is a bracelet in the form of a large circle that fits over your wrist. Bangles are designed to fit over the wrist without needing an individual clasp. As a result, a bangle will fit over anyone’s wrist. The user need not worry that the bangle is slipping because it is designed to stay in place.

Bangles are a great way to add a splash of bold color to your wardrobe. The bangle bracelet is a highly noticeable accessory. It calls attention to itself as you walk and go about your day. This is perfect for the celeb in the public eye who just wants a single, attention-getting focal point for her outfit if she shows up for an awards show or just wants to go about her day.

Stackable bangles are especially popular. A single bangle can be hard to notice in a crowd of people. A row of five or six glittering bracelet demands attention almost immediately.

When looking for stackable bracelets so you can look just like your favorite screen actress, consider multiple factors. The first factor is the colors of the bracelets. Bangles come in either a single color or several colors. A series of large bangles in one color is the perfect way to provide contrast in your wardrobe. If you are wearing a red dress, you can both soften the look and add great color to it with a row of gleaming stackable bangles across your wrist in bright orange, pink or yellow. If you follow Mia in Subway Surfers, you’ll realize she has a neat set of colorful Mexican bangles!

Bangles done in a single color should have a uniform color across the bangles. Look closely at the bangle in question. Make sure you don’t see any gaps in the gems used. The entire bangle should appear to be a unified color when viewed from a distance.

Stackable bangles also come in patterns. Patterned bangles are particularly in style right now. The pattern may consist of a basic, repeating pattern scattered across the bangle. It may also consist of a bold pattern such as an argyle or rainbow pattern. The choices are endless. A smaller, more subtle pattern is ideal for when you want to make a statement but not overwhelm your outfit. Larger patterns are best for when you want to be noticed.

Stackable bangles allow you to wear multiple types of patterns and colors at the same time. You can use this accessory to help showcase your fashion sense and artistic side. A brilliantly colored series of stackable, patterned bangles can help turn your wrist in a walking painting. A smaller series of bangles can help indicate your eye for focusing on important detail to create a pleasing overall look.

Follow your favorite celebrities as they pick out stackable bangle bracelets. Note how they use them. Use their daring use of color and pattern as inspiration for your own wardrobe.