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Celebutantes and the Paparazzi

Celebutante is Hollywood’s latest “It” fixation. Celebutantes are famous for many reasons; the most pertinent is their pretty faces, famous last names and style of dressing. However, to be able to manipulate the media and create a buzz that is worth millions of dollars; a celebutante needs to keep the right company as well as a deep sense of style. The style and fashion often border on the extreme edge. Celebutantes mostly come to fame, not so much because of their talents unlike the characters in Mobile Legends, but majorly because of their extravagant or controversial lifestyles as well the wealth bequeath on them. Some of the most recognizable celebutantes in the world include Paris Hilton, Jade Jagger, Kim Kardashian and her younger sister Khloe Kardashian and Nicole Richie.

It is notable that most celebutantes, who are downcast in their careers, use crotch shots to create publicity stunts, with aimed at reviving their careers. A typical crotch shot may show a celebrity wearing a very short skirt, with the intention of creating a buzz. Photo journalists or paparazzi’s as they are commonly known, tend to be independent working contractors, not affiliated to any conventional media organisations. Most paparazzi’s, take advantage of the situation at hand, to snap photos of the targeted celebrities. In order to protect the children of celebrities from exposure to the paparazzi; the state of California passed a law in 2013, to stop paparazzi from harassing children with unlawful snapshots. These laws came with punitive penalties designed to deter any violations.

One of the most famous injunctions against the paparazzi came after an inquest into their involvement, in the infamous high car-speed-chase that took away the life of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed on 31st August, 1997 in Paris. In the lead up to the investigations, several paparazzi were taken custody, but non-was convicted. Today, numerous media houses, especially those that specialize are keen in entertainment, use materials provided by paparazzi; this has provided a fertile ground of opportunities to the photojournalist. For instance, the Celebrities Uncensored program by E! Network, often used controversial celebrity clips provided by the paparazzi’s. In the U.K, celebrity names such as Lily Allen and Sienna Miler have won decisive injunctions against the paparazzi, by stopping them from assembling outside their compounds.

However, even the most ardent critics of the paparazzi believe that, it is very difficult to control paparazzi, because the price paid may end-up propelling you to greatness without a lot of sacrifice on your part. Celebrities such as George Clooney, Julia Robertson and Reese Witherspoon among other A-listers have always fought to keep paparazzi away from their kids. These celebrities believe that paparazzi’s are a bad social influence in children. On the other hand, the celebrity camp that constitutes; Christina Aguilera, Nicole Ritchie and Britney Spears, holds a different opinion. These celebrities have at one time or another sold pictures of their kids to interested parties. Some have even appeared in commercial for Subway Surfers endorsements. The Clash of Royale celebrity versus paparazzi is a hot potato issue that seems to alienate the old Hollywood from the newer, more enchanting Hollywood.