Ice Cream Fever - Maker Dash

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Hey friends, here comes an all new time management & kitchen management game from Happy Baby Games. Its the most amazing fun dash game ever; Ice Cream Fever 2016. You are playing as a special cook in this ice cream kitchen game. We are sure you have played lots of super cooking games but this one is a unique icecream maker game; You have to run an Ice Cream Shop including counter sale to inventory all under one application. Deal your customer as soon as they arrive at your VIP ice cream stand. Its way fun than any other cooking game in town. As a Chef you have to provide good serving & fast speed service. In your delicious icecreams meals, you have to use super healthy ingredients and meet top quality standards as other fastfood chains, Kitchens, Bakery & Restaurants do. Play Ice Cream Fever and get addicted You are running a unique business and its so delicate. Chefing such a high ranking superfamous ice-cream bar is a dream job for millions of people in the world. After having a lavish breakfast, dinner or lunch, people usually rush for dessert at some good party place. It can be your special Kitchen You should know you are a master cook and you have hundreds of variety Items available on your stand. You have to be fast paced in preparing all delicious dishes, Oven bake fresh Cake, Cupcake, Brownie, Cookies, Shakes, Donuts & Coffee that people usually have with their favorite ice creams along with fancy decoration of dishes. You can have your stand in many exotic locations but you will have to earn it through speed serving the cool meal and collect coins against each serving. Your hungry stomach customers love Chinese food, Indian food, Pizza, Pasta, Steak, chicken Burger, Oyester, Sushi or any other famous food dish but all of them can have ice cream after their favourite food meal. Get your cookers working, show your cooking skills, use your collection of secret recipes to prepare crazy meals, decorate them with sprinkles, earn real money and gain fame & popularity. Speed up, feed them or youll lose. You are the best in town. Even your favorite superstar celebrity visit you often. This is a fun way to learn time management. Dash around your kitchen bar to feed the hungry people. Use all the fragile dishes and appliances to prepare the special treat. There is an inventory shop available. How to Play On each day you have a limited time to reach the desired sale target. Once customer start to come you have to serve the delicious items according to the correct recipe; use the correct ingredients other wise you will have to throw it in a trash & its a loss to your business. Do collect coins after serving and earn awesome profit. If you dont feed your customer and the time is up, your angry customer will leave the stand, which is not good for your cooking stand. You can buy the ingredients from that shop as required. You can also buy coins through In App Purchase.

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