Fast Food Rampage

Ancient Games D S



A hilarious arcade shooter about blasting people with junk food until they explode. Its delicious * Shoot them with ballistic hamburgers * Explode them with milkshake grenades * Melt them with your sweet soda Jet Pack * Rain molten apple pies down upon them * Run them down in you Mime Car Its what they deserve for trying to better themselves. Play as THE MIME, once the king of food and the CEO of MIME BURGER. That is until the rise of self-righteous vegan hipsters destroyed his once great empire and replaced it with a slew of independent health food carts. Yuk They left him with nothing and labeled his lifes work as “JUNK”. But worst of all, they think hes a clown. Now the time has come for revenge Its time for FAST FOOD RAMPAGE

five nights at freddys 2
five nights at freddys 4
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