LiL-Ron Lock Screen




The most powerful lil Lock Screen you will see amazing ron Wallpapers on your phone home screen, it’s easier to protect your launcher and the anime images can make your lockscreen more beautiful.Lil Lock Screen app is specially designed for ron lovers contains Wallpapers lil fanart and this application Waiting for you to display your favourite ron backgrounds on your phone wallpaper, You can simply choose your lil photo then go to options and Enable PIN.Lil Lock Screen is simple utility secure AppLock give your phone All-around protection with wallpapers for decorating your lock Wallpaper while protecting privacy and ensuring security.★ How To Use:- you can customize your sliding text as what you want- view your lock screen lil wallpaper- change ron wallpaper from gallery- set a 4 digits pin or password Pattern via your keypad or keyboard.- we present you homecoming theme the New Free app to lock your android screen with super ron fanart .★ Features :- passcode lock screen- lil wallpaper- multiple ron wallpapers.- display real-time clock and date.- ron backgrounds.- super themes.- show battery health* * * * * * * * * * DISCLAIMER * * * * * * * * * *Default code pin is 1234